16 Health benefits of cloves and uses

What is cloves ?

Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. Cloves are native to the Maluku Islands (or Moluccas) in Indonesia.They are commonly used as a spice.Cloves are one of the world’s most important, popular, and useful plants. 

Cloves are used in the cuisine of Asian, African, Mediterranean and Middle East countries.It may be used to give aromatic and flavour qualities to hot beverages.Cloves have been used in traditional medicine. Clove oil containing eugenol is effective for toothache pain and other types of pain.

In Asian cooking, cloves are an essential spice used especially to flavour curries and to lend taste and aroma to rice. Cloves have historically been used in Indian cuisine both North Indian and South Indian.

Cloves can be used in many things from flavoring medicine to remedies for bronchitis, the common cold, a cough, fever, sore throat and tending to infections.

Cloves have been  antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties . It also used cloves for centuries to treat ailments including indigestion, hernia and ringworm. 

Oil of cloves, also known as clove oil, is an essential oil  from the clove plant, Syzygium aromaticum

The cloves oil is also used in flavoring and perfumes and its important antiseptic, analgesic and anaesthetic medicinal properties.Clove oil is used  for acne, warts, scars and parasite.

It has application in an all natural herbicide called “Perfectly Natural Weed & Grass Killer.” Clove oil is used for an effective mosquito repellent.Clove oil is also used in oil painting


1.Boost immunity

2.improves digestion

3.Aids weight loss

4.Maintains respiratory health

5.Relieves stress

6.Helps to control blood sugar levels

7.protects liver against infections

8.Beneficial in preserving bone density

9.Helps with cough and colds symptoms

10.Natural mouth freshener

11.Fight nausea

12.Avoids bloating 

13.Reduce mouth ulcers

14.Increase blood circulation 


16.Helps control high cholesterol levels



1/2 pieces of ginger

1 cinnamon  stick

5 pieces of cloves

1 teaspoon of honey

Method of cloves tea for kills bacteria in mouth

Take a pan , add three  cups of water.

Now add ginger, cinnamon ,cloves and put down to medium boil for 10 minutes.

Strain and allow to cool.

Add honey and enjoy.

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