how can rice flour make skin shiny?

Rice flour (also rice powder) is a form of flour made from finely milled rice. Rice flour may be made from either white rice or brown rice.

Rice flour has a use in south Indian cuisine for example to prepare idly, dosa, puttu and string hoppers (rice noodles). It can be used to thicken soups and stews.

Rice flour acts as anti -inflammatory and antioxidant agent that prevents skin aging, skin damage, promotes skin lightening and improves hair regrowth. It also can get rid of dark circles and absorb excess oil. 

It contains Vitamin B, carbohydrates and minerals, it keeps your skin soft and smooth.  

Brown rice flour is rich in natural exfoliant. Rice flour face pack is one of the simple and effective beauty tips for skin

Benefits of rice flour

1.Contains protein

2.Contains fiber

3.Contains choline

4.Anti aging

5.Absorbs excess oil

6.Shiny hair

7.Reduce acne and pores

8.Clear and bright skin

9.Sunburn remedy

10.Soothe dry and itchy skin


Rice flour yogurt face mask for hydrate skin

It has present natural exfoliating properties.This rice flour and yoghurt face mask is a natural and simple home made recipe for hydrate acts a clearing agents and control shine of the skin.


1 teaspoon of rice flour

1 teaspoon of yogurt

Method to prepare rice flour yogurt face mask for hydrate skin

Mix rice flour and yogurt, make a smooth paste.

Apply all over your face and neck for 20 minutes (wait until it dries completely).

Wash it off with lukewarm water and wipes with clean towel.

This rice flour yogurt face mask can be used twice in a week.

You might feel better with the results.

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