Is bay leaf tea good for you?

Bay leaves

Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) is a perennial shrub belonging to the family laurel (Lauraceae). It has been cultivated throughout the European, tropical, subtropical, and Asian countries. It has been used for thousands of years for food flavouring, essential oil applications, and in traditional medicine. 

Bay leaf has a sharp and bitter taste. It contains tannins, flavones, flavonoids, alkaloids, eugenol, linalool, methyl chavicol, and anthocyanins.

Bay leaf has many biologic activities such as wound healing activity, antioxidant activity, antibacterial activity, antiviral activity, immunostimulant activity, anticholinergic activity, anti-fungal activity, insect repellent activity, anticonvulsant activity, antimutagenic activity, and analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.

It is a rich  source of vitamin A and many minerals, protein, carbohydrates, a trace of fat, iron, calcium,  vitamin A, vitamin C, and a small amount of potassium.

Bay Leaves  has many traditional medical uses. Leaves are used for the treatment of skin rashes, earaches, and rheumatism. It has been used for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems such as impaired digestion, flatulence, eructation, and epigastric bloating and used as diuretic and has many analgesic effects .Bayleaves  is found effective against many infections from fungi, viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Bay tea is used to treat stomach aches, clear up mucus in the lungs, colds, and sore throat.The leaves of bay are specific for many fevers, cough, flu, bronchitis, asthma, influenza, cough, lowering blood cholesterol level, chicken pox, diarrhea, and antistress agents.

Bay can also be an important ingredient in teas, oils, cheeses, and liquors, and its essential oil is used in the cosmetic industry for soaps, perfumes, prepared foods, beverages, and dental products.

It is an essential ingredient of many herbs and used in soups, stews, and stuffings, as well as fish, meats, vegetables, sauce, pickles, and sausages. It is easily blended with many other herbs such as garlic, mustard, pepper, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

Health benefits of bay leaves

  1. Improving hair health
  2. Reduces anxiety and stress
  3. Treatment of menstrual problems
  4. Helps to prevents cancer
  5. Treats diabetes
  6. Improves digestion
  7. Melts kidney stones
  8. Prevents nosebleeds
  9. Promote even skin tone
  10. Control acne
  11. Lower cholesterol
  12. Helps to reduce fever 
Is bay leaf tea good for you?

Home remedy of bay leaves

Bay leaves tea for weight loss


5 bay leaves

1 cinnamon stick

One inch of ginger

Honey to taste

500ml of water


In a saucepan, bring water to a boil.

Add bay leaves, ginger and cinnamon to the water and cook at low flame for 10-15 minutes .

Strain it add honey to taste.

Enjoy your drinks.

You can try this home remedy for 2-3 times a day.

Is bay leaf tea good for you?

Bay leaves water for constipation


5 bay leaves

1 teaspoon of grated ginger

300ml of water


Combine a five bay leaves, grated ginger, 300ml of water in a pan.

Heat it until the water reduced to half.

Strain the water

Enjoy your healthy drinks.

You can try this drinks for 2 times a day.

You might see better results.

Is bay leaf tea good for you?

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