Is it good to eat fenugreek seeds daily?

What is fenugreek ?

Fenugreek is an annual plant belonging to the family Leguminosae. Fenugreek is a legume and it has been used as a spice throughout the world The seeds and green leaves of fenugreek are used in food as well as in medicinal application that is the old practice of human history. Fenugreek is used as a seasoning and increase flavouring agent in foods.Fenugreek is pleasantly bitter, slightly sweet seeds.

The fenugreek seed includes iron, phosphates, flavonoids, saponins, trigonelline, and other alkaloids. The seed is also high in fiber and protein.The mineral and vitamins present in fenugreek leaves include calcium, zinc iron, phosphorous, riboflavin, carotene, thiamine, niacin and vitamin C 

It is a famous spice in human food. It is known for its medicinal qualities such as anti-diabetic, anti-fertility, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, anti-carcinogenic, hypocholesterolemic, antioxidant, immunological activities, lactation aid, antibacterial, gastric stimulant, for anorexia, galactagogue, hepatoprotective effect and anticancer

Fenugreek has been used in the folk medicines for the treatment of cellulitis, boils, and tuberculosis, colds, bronchial complaints, influenza, asthma, catarrh, constipation, sinusitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, sore throat, laryngitis, hay fever  and emphysema. It also has been recommended for the promotion of lactation. The seeds of fenugreek have been used orally as insulin substitute for reduction in blood glucose. 

The fenugreek seed whole or ground form is used to flavour many foods, mostly curry powders, teas and spice blends.It has been used as a food stabiliser, food adhesive, food emulsifier and gum. 


1.Great for diabetes patients

2.Weight loss

3.Fights dandruff

4.Good for lactating mothers

5.Reduce menstrual discomfort

6.Good for kidney health

7.Reduces cholesterol levels

8.Prevent colon cancer

9. Increase libido

10.Improves digestion

11.Helps menopausal women

12.Improves skin health

13.Good for hair health

14.Helps with eating disorders

15.cures constipation

Can we eat fenugreek seeds daily?


Fenugreek are a good for diabetics and helps controlling the blood sugar levels.


250G of fenugreek seed


In a pan, add fenugreek seed roast these seeds until slightly colour change.

In a blender add roast fenugreek seed and grind like fine powder.

In a glass of warm water, add 1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek powder and mix well.

Now enjoy your drinks.

Drinking it on an empty stomach is even better.

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