Is it good to take Moringa everyday?

What is moringa ?

Miracle tree (Moringa oleifera) as it is popularly called, has been found useful both medicinally and economically. Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the monogeneric family, the Moringaceae, which is indigenous to south Asia. It’s been called “the Miracle Tree,”  “the Tree of Life” and “Mother’s Milk.”

The Common names include moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree (from the taste of the roots, which resembles horseradish), and ben oil tree or benzolive tree. It is widely cultivated for its young seed pods and leaves, used as vegetables .The bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds and flowers are used in traditional medicine.

The young, slender fruits, commonly known as “drumsticks”, are prepared as a culinary vegetable, often cut into shorter lengths and stewed in curries and soups

The  Moringa  plant  has  found  a  great  deal  of economic,  nutritional  and  medicinal  use all over the world. Its  parts  contain  good  sources  of proteins,  vitamins  and  minerals  and carotenoids.

Moringa Oleifera have anticancer,  hepatoprotective, hypoglycaemic, anti-inflammatory,  antibacterial, anti-fungal,  antiviral,  and anti-sickling  effects.  They may  also  protect  against  Alzheimer’s  disease, stomach  ulcers,  help  lower  cholesterol  levels and promote wound healing.”

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine it is reported to cure as many as 300 diseases. There is strong evidence that moringa flower juice can improve human lactation and a tea made of its leaves can fight colds and infections. The fresh leaves are said  to cure anemia, gastric ulcers and diarrhea, and a paste made of the leaves provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment for insect bites, wounds or fungal skin problems.


It has many  uses  for  Moringa  include:  alley  cropping(biomass  production),  animal  forage  (leaves  and treated  seed-cake),  biogas  (from  leaves),  domestic cleaning  agent  (crushed  leaves),  blue  dye  (wood), fencing  (living  trees),  fertiliser  (seed-cake),  foliar nutrient  (juice  expressed  from  the  leaves),  green manure  (from  leaves),  gum  (from  tree  trunks), honey-  and  sugar  cane  juice-clarifier  (powdered seeds),  honey  (flower  nectar),  medicine  (all  plant parts),  ornamental  plantings,  biopesticide  (soil incorporation of eaves to  prevent  seedling damping off),  pulp  (wood),  rope  (bark),  tannin  for  tanning hides  (bark  and gum),  water  purification (powdered seeds).

Moringa oleifera leaf powder was as effective as soap for hand washing when wetted in advance to enable anti-septic and detergent properties from phytochemical in the leaves.

Fresh drumstick flowers and cow milk is an excellent herbal tonic for sexual weakness and functional infertility of both males and females.

Drumstick is a natural medicine for digestive disorder. The combination of fresh leaf extract, one teaspoon honey, and one glass of tender coconut water is an excellent herbal antidote for cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, pyretic, viral and colitis.Drumstick leaf-extract treated by lime juice is helpful for the treatment for pimples, black head, and age spots.


1.Good for your bone

2.Good for your brain

3.Helps to improve body immunity

4.Improves digestion

5.Improves your vision

6.Improves wound healing

7.Helps protect your heart

8.Prevents respiratory problems

9.Helps protect the liver

10.Boost your immune system

11.Prevents inflammation

12.Improves sleep

13.High in iron

14.Stimulates hair growth

15.Treats depression

16.Controls diabetes

17.Delays ageing process

18.Lower cholesterol

19.Controls blood pressure

20.Good for joint pains  

Is It Good To Take Moringa Everyday?

Home remedy of moringa


Handful of fresh moringa leaves or 1 teaspoon of moringa powder


In a blender add moringa leaves and grind like fine paste(Take a small bowl add moringa powder and little water and mix it smooth paste).

Apply it swollen parts until dried naturally.

You might see good results.

Is It Good To Take Moringa Everyday?

Home remedy of moringa for cold and cough


1 teaspoon of moringa powder or one teaspoon of dried moringa leaves

400ml of water

pinch of salt


Combine a one teaspoon of moringa powder or dried leaves, pinch of salt , 400ml of water in a small pan.

Heat it until the water reduced to half.

Strain the water.

Enjoy your healthy drinks.

Is It Good To Take Moringa Everyday?

You can try this tea for 2 times a day.

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