Is nutmeg good for sleep?

Nutmeg is the seed or ground spice of several species of the genus Myristica. It is native to the Moluccas, or Spice Islands, of Indonesia. The term nutmeg also is used to refer to just the seed of this tree or to the ground or grated spice developed from this seed.

It has a warm aromatic, slightly bitter taste and is often added to custards, puddings, pies, certain vegetables, and milk drinks like egg-nog. In the past, nutmeg was much used in medicine.

In Indian cusine, nutmeg is used in many sweet, as well as savoury, dishes. In Kerala Malabar region, grated nutmeg is used in meat preparations and also sparingly added to desserts for the flavour.

Nutmeg is used medicinally in powders, capsules, and essential oil. It is most commonly used for stomach problems such as indigestion and  also used for chronic nervous disorders, kidney disorders, and to prevent nausea and vomiting . In Chinese medicine, nutmeg is used to treat abdominal pain, diarrhea , inflammation, impotence , liver disease, and vomiting. It is used to treat anxiety or depression. 

Nutmeg is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so it was used as a preservative and the powder was sprinkled on wounds to prevent infection.

Health benefits of nutmeg

  1. Good for oral health
  2. improve the blood circulation
  3. Fights acne
  4. Good for skin
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Effects against diarrhoea
  7. Reduce bad cholesterol
  8. Regulates blood pressure
  9. Protect liver
  10. Boost immune system
  11. Treats kidney infections
  12. Sleep aid
  13. Improves brain health
  14. Reduce insomnia
  15. Improves blood circulation
Is Nutmeg Good For Gas?

Nutmeg Home remedy


3 pinch of nutmeg powder

1 cups of warm milk


Take a glass of warm milk and mix a three pinch of nutmeg powder.

Enjoy your milk.

You can try this home remedy for before sleep.

You might see good results.

Is Nutmeg Good For Gas?

Nutmeg home remedy for menstrual cramp


1 gram of nutmeg powder

1 teaspoon of honey


Mix one teaspoon of honey with one gram of nutmeg powder in a small bowl.

Eat it twice a day.

You will reduce menstrual cramp.

You can try this home remedy for 2 times a day.

Is Nutmeg Good For Sleep?

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